March 7th, 2012


Few doubt that the price of concessions at movie theaters are high, but are they excessive?

this would happen here in Michigan.
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  8. juliaannenovak answered: Yes, it get really expensive to buy movie tickets everyday, your better off ordering off Movie’s on Demand!!!
  9. fromash2phoenix answered: They are definitely excessive, but if people didn’t buy them that would probably be more effective than a lawsuit.
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    Oh snap, good thing severance customers don’t have lawyers.
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    Stupid lawsuit. Concession prices are excessive, but they can’t be considered price-gouging. Nobody is forcing anybody...
  13. offwithhisbutt answered: Of course. That’s why you bring a backpack full of snacks!
  14. commanderchody answered: I think so, here in Colombia, a 3D film is something that of what a matinee costs on a tuesday at midday
  15. imadop answered: Yes! The prices are ridiculous. HOWEVER, I can watch a movie without buying concessions! Suiing is not a good option! Just RIDICULOUS!
  16. hel-dc answered: Yes. What they charge vs what the food costs is RIDICULOUS!
  17. lizziebelle answered: They are rather excessive, but I understand that’s where they need to make their profit because they don’t make it on ticket sales.
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    It was worth a shot haha
  19. betweentworocks answered: excessive
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  21. dipswitch answered: maybe, but its not like i am ever caught off guard, and im familiar enough with the industry to know its unreasonable to ask for cheaper food
  22. yourdailybanana answered: Wait, can someone really do this? Why the hell didn’t I think of this?
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    this would happen here in Michigan.
  24. davidhoffnung answered: High prices may be unpleasant or unfair - but ultimately the prerogative of the proprietor.
  25. tradgic-icemagic answered: that is gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  26. retrotrip answered: YES! Ten pieces of sugar and food die are NOT equivalent to the $6.50 they charge!
  27. rossmeyer answered: What did Teddy R. say, “Shop elsewhere, and carry a big purse”? Something like that…
  28. literatureislife888 answered: Yes
  29. misterandre answered: My hero! Matter-of-fact, our hero!!!
  30. trymypi answered: ask the local owners
  31. nicegirlbigadventure answered: Yes they are excessive, but if you don’t like the prices, don’t buy the product.
  32. sweatinthewater answered: definietly, you shouldn’t spend more on a medium popcorn than your movie. It’s ridiculous! Heaven forbid you want a drink, there goes $25.
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  34. vonwynn answered: no, he needs to get over it
  35. his-gem answered: YES THEY ARE REALLY HIGH!
  36. viscosityofwords answered: They are not worth suing over. I would love to know the grounds for his lawsuit..
  37. renton6echo answered: I would imagine so bc I always bring (sneak) in my own snacks…
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    Two thumbs up